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Don’t let bed bugs cause you one more minute of worry or frustration.  Get rid of these bugs once and for all.  Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions specializes in the detection and elimination of bed bugs.  Call us today and let us provide you with the most effective treatment for your situation.

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Post treatment K9 search to restore your peace of mind.

K9 Bed Bug Inspection

Trained K9s are the most accurate way to detect bed bugs. Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs can be trained to detect bugs with over 90% accuracy. Compared to a human search, K9s are far more accurate, take less time and are not disruptive to your home. Our dogs are nationally certified, highly trained and tested regularly to ensure the accuracy of each and every search.

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Residential Treatments

Bed bugs are ruthless. They rob you of your sleep and cause unwanted stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, they won’t go away on their own. We offer heat and chemical solutions to help you get rid of bed bugs once-and-for-all. We will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your home. We won’t rest until you are free of bed bugs and we’ve restored your peace of mind.

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Commercial Treatments

Bed bugs can cause real damage to a business’ bottom line. Bed bugs have been popping up in hotels, office buildings, retail stores, and health care facilities, just to name a few. Because they multiply quickly and hide in places virtually impossible for a human to detect, bed bugs can become a huge problem in a relatively short period of time. The best defense is early detection and treatment.

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Our Customer Commitment

Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions strives to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We listen to our customers and use your feedback to continually improve our process. In order to meet your needs we not only offer a high level of service you deserve, but we offer one of the best warranties in the business and we now offer financing, so our bed bug treatments fit into your budget.

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Client Testimonials

"Call Capital K9 today. We cannot even begin to put into words our gratitude; however, here is our attempt. Don't make the same mistake we did when we thought going with a nationally recognized company would bring sanity back to our lives. Quite the opposite. It was months of misery (working with two other companies) before we were fortunate enough to find Capital K9. They are amazing. A company which not only rid our house of bedbugs, they actually cared about our physical and mental well being throughout the entire process! I have never experienced a more professional and kind group to work with. We have our lives back… call them… you will too. Thank you Dave and Todd."

- Nona and Steve

K-9 Inspection

We use specially trained dogs with a keen sense for sniffing out Bed Bugs.