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Jury in Prince George’s County Awards Woman $100,000 for Bed Bug Incident at Hotel

A North Carolina woman staying at a Red Roof Inn in Prince George’s County last January woke up with large red welts and saw bed bugs crawling.  The plaintiffs alleged that the property had a history of bed bugs and did not check the room for bed bugs prior to renting it to her.  This may be one of the largest awards for cases like this.  The entire story can be read here.

Every now and then we see a large award for bed bug cases, but usually it involves apartments with ongoing problems and often management that has been negligent in responding to the bed bug infestation.  It is unclear from the story whether this hotel had a protocol for bed bug detection and elimination.  If large awards become come common in cases like this, it is safe to say that more hotels will be implementing aggressive detection programs.

Unfortunately, bed bugs continue to be a problem and are going to be a threat when it comes to travel for years to come.  When traveling, a five minute check of the room can save you from a lot of post trip distress.

It is also worth noting that there are a lot of great hotels out there who have taken bed bug prevention very seriously and know how to properly respond should a bed bug problem occur.

So take that trip, do a quick check and then enjoy your hotel stay.