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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts

Bed bugs are great at hiding. They usually stay within eight feet of your sleeping area. During the day, they slide into the corners of your bed frame, the seams in your mattress, and hide in your side tables and dressers. At night, when you’re in a deep sleep, they come out to eat. You won’t even feel their bite. You may not notice you have a bed bug problem until after you discover bed bug bites.

We understand your frustration; something bit you and you want to find it—or them. Welcome to the longest running game of hide-n-seek in the world. If you choose to play this game, the bed bugs will win. In centuries past, when this happened people would burn their house down and start over. But you don’t have to play this game—or burn your house down.

At Capital K9, we employ an animal that never loses a game of hide-n-seek, the bed bug dog. Don’t waste your time trying to find the bed bug that bit you and got away. Bed bugs move so fast, by the time you notice your bite, that bed bug could be down the hall and in your kid’s room. But, don’t worry, our furry friends will find them.

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you need the best pest control in Virginia, Maryland, DC and beyond. Here at Capital K9 Solutions, our bed bug dogs are able to sniff out every bed bug in your house. Once we know how extensive your infestation is, we will present you with the best treatment options for your home. We ensure that your home is bed bug free so you can rest easy. So call us today!