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Virginia Bed Bug Control

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Since Virginia is the “Mother of Presidents,” we at Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions believe we have a patriotic duty to contribute to our beloved Commonwealth. Of course, we contribute in the only way we know how. We combat the bed bug resurgence in Richmond, Arlington, Alexandria, Norfolk, and the rest of the 39 cities in Virginia.

Bed bugs are an old problem. After WWII, soldiers came home, and decided to treat bed bugs like a member of the Axis and killed them all. However, in the late 1990’s bed bugs decided to make their reappearance. It’s theorized that bed bugs came back because of international travel and their resistance to modern pesticides. Whatever the cause, we are fighting to keep the resurgence at bay, in one Virginia home at a time.

Bed Bugs Love Clean

Bed bugs can thrive in the cleanest environment. Five-star hotels, hospitals, and retail stores have all experienced bed bugs. While a clean room and consistent vacuuming may help, bed bugs don’t need filth to survive. All they need is a mattress and a few sleepers.

You may want a Capital K9 professional (dog included) to come by to inspect a new office, apartment, or home. Bed bugs can go without feeding for several months. Even if the room hasn’t had a living soul in it for some time, bed bugs could still be hiding in the corners.

Expert Hiders: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nearly invisible to the naked eye, and they are experts at hiding. During the day, bed bugs hide in crevices and cracks, in the seams of the mattress, on the bed frame and box spring—they’ll even find their way behind wall paper. While they typically stay within 8 feet of the bed, they can travel up to 100 feet in one night. They could be anywhere in the room or the building. This is why it is so hard to rid your home or business of bed bugs—if you miss a few of the pests, your infestation will only return.

Let Our Bed Bug Exterminators Help

Our trained bed bug dogs take the anxiety out of bed bugs. Their noses are able to find the bed bugs that the human eye would miss. You won’t need to wonder if you missed any during inspection. Once we’ve determined the extent of your bed bug problem, we will discuss several treatment options for you and your family.

When we inspect your home or business, we will come in unmarked cars and everyday clothing. Our dogs will appear in disguise as our loyal pets. This way you won’t receive any questions, and your privacy will remain intact. So call us at Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions today, and we’ll guarantee that you’ll have a bed-bug-free home.

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