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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

heat kills bed bugs

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In One Day

Our heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to completely eliminate bed bugs and their eggs in just one treatment. The science behind our heat treatment is simple: when a bed bug is exposed to a temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit the bug will die in less than a minute. And while the science is simple, the benefits to this process are enormous:

One Day, One Treatment

Our Pest Heat treatment is a one day, one treatment solution for your bed bug problem. You leave in the morning and are back in your house in the evening bed bug free. Alternatively, chemical bed bug treatments are generally two or three treatments over the course of several weeks.

Highly Effective

Our Pest Heat treatment is highly effective and works in tough situations even where chemicals have failed. Heat can penetrate into areas that chemicals can’t reach, like inside mattresses, box springs, and sofas. Further, bed bugs do not have a resistance to heat, whereas some bed bugs have developed resistance against some chemicals.

Keep Your Furniture

Our Pest Heat treatment allows you to keep your furniture. There is no need to throw away any of your belongings saving you money in the long run.

Totally Green Option

We offer a totally green treatment option using Pest Heat. Most clients opt to include chemicals in the heat process (for no additional cost) for an additional layer of protection, but that decision is completely up to you.

Less Preparation For You

The Pest Heat process involves a lot less preparation for you, compared to the chemical extermination process.  You do not need to launder all your clothing or bedding, and while there is some preparation prior to the treatment (click here for our pretreatment checklist) it is minimal compared to other treatment options.

How Does a Heat Treatment Work?

The three components of a successful heat treatment are:

  1. Heat Source: We use a Pest Heat TPE500. Our heater is kept completely outside of the structure and the heat is piped in using large Mylar tubes. Our process allows us to reach optimal temperatures quickly without drawing from your electricity, saving you money.
  2. Movement of Air: We use specially designed high-speed fans to circulate the air in your home. The flow of air creates convection heat, which allows us to achieve and maintain optimal temperatures.
  3. Monitoring of Temperatures: We place temperature probes throughout the home and use a software program that allows us to continually track the temperatures. This data is recorded and continually reviewed to ensure that we met and maintained proper temperatures during the heat treatment.

Do you offer a warranty?

How much does a heat treatment cost?

We offer one of the best warranties in the industry.  We warrant our heat treatments for three months from the date of the heat treatment. We offer a K9 inspection with our heat treatments after 30 days. We stand behind behind our work.

Every job is different and the cost for the job depends on the size of the home, the level of infestation and whether we will be able to effectively move air in the home. The best way to get an exact price is to give us a call and we will be able to give you a cost range over the phone. We will do all we can to make this a cost- effective solution for your family.


Thank you for all you have done for our family. You go far beyond your job description and provide excellent customer service. You gave us back our peace of mind. We can’t thank you enough.

-Lori., Columbia, MD

Very punctual, paid attention to details, and most importantly got rid of our bugs. I would highly recommend this company.


This was the best customer service I received for anything ever.


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