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Bed Bug Inspection Dog - Lexi

Bed Bug Inspection Dog - LexiLexi is a five-year-old lab mix who came to us from Kansas where she had been surrendered by her owner and then trained at Iron Heart Training Center. She is full of energy and what her prior owners didn’t understand was that Lexi was bored. What she needed was a job, something that gets her out and about and gives her a purpose. Lexi is like most labs you’ll meet, she loves pets from her owner, or from just about anyone for that matter, and she loves food.

When we first started training Lexi as a bed bug inspection dog it was obvious that she was motivated by food but as time went on, we found that she really gets excited by praise and a high energy search. Following one of Lexi’s first certification, the observers gave each other hi-five’s after she nailed her search. She is fun to watch.

Lexi is currently certified with Dave Pine, Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions’ owner, by the World Dog Detector Organization, although she has also been certified by NESDCA and IBBMA in the past. This is a real pro. Lexi lives with Dave Pine, his wife and two preschool children, who are constantly guarding their snacks from a lab who loves treats. Lexi is a sweet girl, who is always ready for action and even a little mischief on occasion.

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