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Bed Bug Inspection Dogs - Zip

Bed Bug Inspection Dogs - ZipZip is the smallest member of the Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions’ team and his name really says it all.

Weighing just 7 pounds, Zip is a Terrier mix. We’re not sure of his exact mix since he was rescued from a shelter by our Master Trainer, Lisa Kennell, to be trained as a detection dog. When Lisa visited the shelter, little did Zip know that it was his lucky day, as the rest of the litter was put down due to overcrowding at the shelter.

Lisa saw all the characteristics of great bed bug inspection dogs – high energy, high drive, and independent thinking – and sure enough, that’s our Zip.

Zip loves to “work.” Zip was imprinted with the bed bug scent when he was six- weeks-old and has been searching ever since. While humans would consider looking for bed bugs hard work, Zip sees it as an opportunity to play his favorite game. Given the opportunity, Zip would search for bed bugs all day, every day.

Like any employee, Zip gets some time off and when he does, he loves to chew on an elk horn or chase his K9 colleagues. He has been certified by the World Detector Dog Organization and by Mystic Glen Detection Dog Academy.

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