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Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment

Chemical bed bug treatments offer an effective way to get rid of bed bugs.

The key to a successful treatment is: 

  • Proper Preparation
  • Thorough Treatment
  • Persistence

Chemical treatments work best when we can catch the problem in the early stages and when the problem appears isolated to a few areas.

Preparation:  When you schedule your chemical spray you will be provided with a Chemical Treatment Preparation Guide (Click Here to Download it).  It is important to review this guide with your technician to ensure that you are able to complete your preparation prior to your treatment.  If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help.   Our technicians will perform a final walk-through inspection on the day of the treatment, to make sure that every place a bug can hide is being treated.

Thorough Chemical Treatment:  A successful bed bug pesticide treatment must be thorough and we always treat the entire home because even one bug can cause problems.  Research has shown that the majority of bed bugs are found in the bedroom which is why we treat each bedroom as well as a crack and crevice treatment throughout the rest of the home.   The products we use for our chemical treatments affect the nervous and reproductive systems of the bed bug.  We use liquids, sprays and dusts and our treatments always include a fast-acting poison and a chemical with a longer-lasting residual to give you added protection.  While we are thorough, we are careful to accurately and precisely apply these chemicals as to never apply chemicals unnecessarily.


Persistence:  While we are able to successfully knock down a bed bug problem in the first application, it will usually take at least two chemical sprays to fully exterminate the bugs.  Approximately 15 days after your first treatment, we will follow-up with a second chemical spray.  In most cases, two sprays are sufficient to wipe out the infestation; however, a third spray may be required in some cases.


How Much Does A Pesticide Treatment Cost?

Do You Offer A Warranty with the Pesticide Treatments?

Treatment costs are based primarily on the number of bedrooms in the home.  Our bed bug pesticide treatment includes treatment of the entire home to ensure success with the fewest numbers of treatments.  The best way to determine an exact price is to contact a Capital K9 Service Technician to discuss your unique situation.

We offer one of the best warranties in the business.  We offer a 60-day warranty with our chemcial bed bug treatments.  Thirty days following your last treatment, we will conduct a K9 search of your home to determine whether we have successfully erradicated all the bed bugs in your home.  If the dog alerts or if you encounter bed bugs within the 30 day waiting period, we will provide an additional treatment at no cost.

Are Your Chemcials Different Than the Do-it-Yourself Chemicals Available in Most Stores?

Yes!  We are a fully licensed pest control company and only use EPA-approved products that are specifically labeled to eliminate bed bugs.  Our chemicals are much more powerful than those available in the stores.  While products available to consumers might kill the bugs that come in direct contact with the spray, it has little effect on the bugs you don’t see.  We use a combination of several chemcials in order to combat bed bugs on many levels.  The store-bought products are no match for the pesticides available to licensed pest control companies.