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How much does a bed bug heat treatment cost in the Washington DC area?

Bed bugs cause real problems for people.  Not only do they disrupt your life, cause welts and itching, and cost you sleep, getting rid of bed bugs is not how most people would choose to spend their money.

Granted, not getting rid of these pests causes much bigger problems, but most would agree, bed bug extermination is not exactly a fun way to spend money.

bed bug heat treatment cost in the Washington DC areaWe get a lot of questions about bed bug heat treatments, and over the next few weeks, we’re going to answer these questions.

Not surprising one of the first questions we are asked is how much does a bed bug heat treatment cost. While each and every estimate is different, we’re happy to share  the criteria that we use to determine the cost of heat treatments.

The factors that we consider are the following:

1.  Square footage of the home to be treated.  If you type your address into the Google search bar, typically, a listing for that address appears.  The square footage listed is generally the above ground livable square footage that is used for tax assessments.  If you have a basement, it is usually not included in the square footage listed.  When we put together the heat plan, we will also measure the size of the treated areas.

2.  Clutter.  This word is not meant to be used in a negative way.  Rather, we use that word with regard to how much “stuff” people have in their home.  When there is a lot of stuff, it makes it more challenging to be successful in a heat treatment.  Imagine trying to cook a turkey in an overstuffed oven.  Just like cooking a turkey, we have to get the internal temperatures of your belongings to the right temperature.

3.  Length and Severity of the Bed Bug Infestation.  Bed bugs, double in population every 16 days, which means that unchecked bed bug infestations get out of hand very quickly.   We know that in some cases, particularly where bed bugs are deep inside the walls, getting rid of the bed bugs may not be as straightforward as we would like.

Bed bug heat treatments work and require the least amount of preparation from the homeowner (Click here to view the bed bug heat treatment preparation guide) which is why so many of our clients choose heat over the pesticide treatment option.

With that said, in many scenarios, both heat and pesticide treatments would successfully get rid of the bed bug problem, and we will always make sure that all the options are fully presented so our clients can make the best choice for their unique situation.

We want to be both effective and cost-effective when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.