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Washington D.C.’s WJLA Undercover Reporter Finds Bed Bug in New Mattress

WJLA news reporters set out to discover whether there was any difference in the mattresses you buy in different states and from different mattress stores.  What they discovered was unbelievable — a bed bug– in a newly purchased (but refurbished) mattress bought in Silver Spring Maryland.

Bed Bug in New MattressMost of probably are unaware, but the sale of mattresses are regulated, or in some cases not regulated by the state.  In our area, Washington D.C. and Virginia have fairly tough regulations regarding the sale of mattresses.

For example, new mattresses will carry a white tag compared to a used/refurbished mattress which is required to have a colored tag. Maryland, on the other hand, repealed mattress protection laws in 2008 leaving very little protection in place for buyers.

In the case of the mattress purchases in Silver Spring, the salesperson did share that the mattress was refurbished but only after she was asked.  Most people would not think to ask whether a mattress was refurbished, who knew this was even a possibility.

While the vast majority of stores are not selling mattresses with bed bugs, everyone who buys a bed should be aware of the delivery trucks.

We recommend that people take the plastic off the bed BEFORE it comes into the home.  The first thing many people do when they discover a bed bug it get rid of the bed (we do not recommend throwing out the bed) and then buy a new one.

There is always the concern that companies that pick up mattresses could be throwing the bed bug infested mattresses in with the new ones.  In all fairness, most reputable companies now have policies about carrying away mattresses with signs of bed bugs.

If you are concerned you may having a bed bug in new mattress, don’t delay, we are happy to discuss your situation and steps to make sure it doesn’t turn into a full blown infestation.