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Bed Bug Climb Ups

When people have bed bugs, they want them gone now!

Living with even the thought of bed bugs is tough and getting a good night’s sleep when you suspect or know you have bed bugs is next to impossible.  Good news!  So while, getting rid of bed bugs isn’t instantaneous, there is a product that will help you get a good night’s sleep without worry.

Bed Bug Climb Ups are a bed bug trap that are placed under on the legs of your standard bed frame so bed bugs can’t “climb up” into your bed.  Bed bugs don’t fly or jump so the only way up into your bed is on the bed legs, which are placed in the traps.  As the bed bugs walk into the traps the slippery powers (even the plastic itself) prevent the bed bugs from doing any farther, and they are stuck in the climb ups.

The benefits of the climb up are simple:

  • If property placed, they are effective in preventing bed bug bits, so you can sleep easier
  • You can check them daily to see if they have caught any bed bugs.

Here are the steps to effectively using Bed Bug Climb Ups

  • Order a climb up for every bed leg, including any in the center of the bed, which is the case in many Queen and King Sizes
  • Make sure the Bed (bedding, mattresses and frame) are bed bug-free. This means, washing and drying all bedding, encasing the mattress and inspecting/wiping down the bed frame.
  • Make sure the bed is an “island.” Anything that touches the bed essentially becomes a ladder for the bed bugs.  In order for the climb ups to work, make sure the bed is pulled away from the wall, there is no storage underneath that is touching the wall and that blankets don’t fall onto the floor during the night.
  • Periodically check the climb-up to monitor for bed bugs and to clean out any debris that is collected in the monitors.

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