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Washington DC Ranks #2 in Highest Number of Bed Bug Exterminations

Every year one of the nation’s largest pest control companies ranks cities and states according to where the largest number of bed bug treatments were performed. This year’s top spots were occupied by our hometown cites with Baltimore coming in with the highest number of bed bug exterminations and Washington DC following as a close…

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Where Can You Find Bed Bugs in the Washington DC Area?

At Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions, we keep up on news stories around the nation relating to bed bugs. Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of stories that highlight what researchers have been saying for years:  bed bugs are hitchhikers and can show up just about anywhere. To illustrate this point,…

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Bed Bugs Have a Favorite Color

Scientists have just discovered that bed bugs have a favorite color as they might actually prefer black and red over other colors when it comes to finding a harborage place (a place where they hide and lay their eggs).

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