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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Washington DC Ranks #2 in Highest Number of Bed Bug Exterminations

Every year one of the nation’s largest pest control companies ranks cities and states according to where the largest number of bed bug treatments were performed. This year’s top spots were occupied by our hometown cites with Baltimore coming in with the highest number of bed bug exterminations and Washington DC following as a close…

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Getting Rid of Bedbugs from Medical News Today

One in five Americans has had an infestation of bed bugs themselves or knows someone else who has suffered the problem. Medical News Today put out a great article today outlining all of the various options for getting rid of bedbugs. As we’ve been blogging about tips to get rid of bed bugs, we thought…

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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs – Clutter is Your Enemy

Bed bugs have no particular preference for dirty or clean spaces, as long as they can find a meal. However, the amount of stuff or “clutter” in an infested room is a very important factor in how quickly a bed bug problem can be detected and successfully treated.

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