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Getting Rid of Bedbugs from Medical News Today

One in five Americans has had an infestation of bed bugs themselves or knows someone else who has suffered the problem.

Getting Rid of BedbugsMedical News Today put out a great article today outlining all of the various options for getting rid of bedbugs. As we’ve been blogging about tips to get rid of bed bugs, we thought it would be helpful to hear it from another source.

This article offers very useful tips, like how to make a bed an island, possibly the best way to get some relief from bed bugs while you work through the bed bug elimination process, and how to declutter in order to catch an early infestation.

It also talks about treatment options and the pros and cons of each method. Reading the article it is clear that there is no silver bullet that would make getting rid of bed bugs as easy as we would all like, but it does tell us to stay clear of the bombs, foggers and other over-the-counter sprays and treatments that just don’t work.

Lastly, it gives a few tips on how to try to prevent bringing bed bugs home, like vacuuming suitcases upon return from a trip and inspecting hotel rooms for the telltale signs of an infestation.

The article in its entirely can be read here

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