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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs – Clutter is Your Enemy

Bed bugs have no particular preference for dirty or clean spaces, as long as they can find a meal. However, the amount of stuff or “clutter in an infested room is a very important factor in how quickly a bed bug problem can be detected and successfully treated.

Getting Rid of Bed BugsBed bugs live in “aggregations” or groups in what we call “harborage” spots. They like cracks and crevices and will initially most likely be in places that are difficult to detect.

As the bed bugs multiply, they will need more places to hide.

Cluttered areas, such as stacks of clothes on the bedroom floor or boxes of things under or around the bed, provide great places for bed bugs to hide.

Think about playing hide and seek as a kid, if you played hide and seek in your grandparents’ old storage room you’d have a much better chance of going undetected than if you played in an empty room.

It is the same scenario with bed bugs. This can prove even more problematic if the individual with bed bug doesn’t react to the bites. If you don’t feel the bites or see the bugs, the bed bug problem will go unchecked and bed bugs multiply rapidly.

Having less clutter will make it much easier to detect and remediate the problem.

Clutter also impacts the likelihood of getting rid of bed bugs with a chemical or bed bug heat treatment. With the chemicial option, the bed bug must come in contact with the pesticide in order to be affected by it, and a cluttered room makes the treatment more challenging.

Additionally, the chemical treatment process involves a good amount of prep work and it is much easier to start that process with an uncluttered home.

Click here to see our pesticide preparation checklist.

Clutter is also a key factor in the heat treatment process because the bug has to be exposed to the proper kill temperature. Overstuffed rooms can make it challenging to achieve lethal kill temperatures deep inside the places where bed bugs hide and lay their eggs.

Fortunately,our trained technicians are experienced at working with clutter and are able to identify areas that need work before treatment.

Click here to see our bed bug heat treatment preparation checklist.

The bottom line is that whatever the condition of your living space, bed bugs require immediate attention. However, keep in mind that in order to be successful, a little prep work may be required to get rid of the bugs once and for all.

The upside is that this is a great excuse to tackle the closet you’ve been meaning to organize and to get the kids to pick up their toys in the bedroom!